Chupacabracon IV

Fri, 12 May 2017 to Sun, 14 May 2017

Hey look! The same site two years in a row!

Thank you all who attended our 3rd installment. There were a few rough patches, but we got through them and we'll be stronger for them. In fact...

Get ready for Chupacabracon 4! That's right, Chango is back to wreak havoc in Round Rock once again. We'll be holding the event at the Windham Hotel and Conference Center right off the 35 freeway. So that means easier access. The Windham is a hotel so you'll be able to stay on-site all weekend if you choose to (or are from out of town). One of our key requirements this year was an on-site lounge, somewhere our guests and attendees could grab a drink and hang out during and after the event. Done. The venue also has a lounge and lobby area for casual get-togethers outside the convention proper. Now this was one of those aforementioned rough patches. But we've talked to the venue and got all of that straitened out.

News & Updates

Three Going on Four

So, Chupacabracon 3 is done, and has been for a couple of months at this point. But, that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work for Chupacabracon 4. Chango and crew have already been working on securing dates and a venue for 2017.

2016 was a success. Sure we had our challenges, but we always will. Rest assured, we heard all of your feedback and listened to your concerns. So 2017 will be that much better. So, what are we working on?

Rifts for Savage Worlds Debuting at Chupacabracon!

Earlier this week our friends at Pinnacle launched the Kickstarter for their latest release, Savage Rifts. This has been a highly anticipated project. Check out the kickstarter here Open For GM Registration

The new and improved is available for GMs to sign up and submit games. In the past we've had, well let's say "issues" with our web site. The first year tried to roll our own and that was a disaster. We ended up abandoning any GM registration and event management in that site for Warhorn. Warhorn functioned, but again, was rather cludgy. Our second year we tried Warhorn again. This time we were hoping the improvements they made would improve things. Once again this proved less than efficient. So this year we went back to rolling our own.