ChupacabraCon IV Scholarship Fund

ChupacabraCon IV Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the amazing supporters of our Kickstarter we are able to offer eight, yes EIGHT, full scholarships to ChupacabraCon IV!  Winners will receive one full badge to attend the convention and will automatically be registered for a 20 minute mentorship session with one of our game design professionals. We will not cover food or travel expenses so please be prepared to arrange for your own transportation to and from the convention and for your daily needs while there.

The scholarships are intended for people interested in growing the analog gaming industry and who otherwise would not have the means to attend.   


Anyone 13 years old or older may apply, people under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent.  Parents must purchase a badge if they wish to register for games.   Our regular policies regarding unaccompanied minors apply.  Children must have a parent or guardian's permission to apply. 


There are three pillars we are looking for in scholarship candidates: Passion, Need and A Desire to Contribute.  You must be passionate about games and gaming, especially analog games (table top/RPG).  You must demonstrate that without the scholarship you most likely would not be able to attend.  Finally you must have an intention to become a contributor to the hobby.  While we love the idea of helping people who want to dedicate their lives to gaming we are not going to exclude hobbyists, part-timers and freelancers.  Whether you are an artist, writer, or designer, what is important is the desire to create, participate and grow the hobby.

As part of your scholarship, winners have the opportunity for a mentorship session with a game design professional.  So bring those great ideas, concepts, portfolio pieces and drafts along with you.  Feedback and play testing are a vital part of success in this industry.  We are here to help!


To apply please complete the questions on Survey Monkey.


DEADLINE TO APPLY: April 15, 2017.