Open For GM Registration

The new and improved is available for GMs to sign up and submit games. In the past we've had, well let's say "issues" with our web site. The first year tried to roll our own and that was a disaster. We ended up abandoning any GM registration and event management in that site for Warhorn. Warhorn functioned, but again, was rather cludgy. Our second year we tried Warhorn again. This time we were hoping the improvements they made would improve things. Once again this proved less than efficient. So this year we went back to rolling our own.

What's different this year from the last time we tried this? Well, the software has matured. The new is built using a Drupal distribution called the Conference Organizing Distribution (COD). For those of you not familiar, Drupal is a very powerful, dynamic, and confusing framework for creating some, well, powerful and dynamic sites. If not done right, however, the sites can be just as confusing as learning Drupal itself. But, our web guy is buddy-buddy with some of the contributors to Drupal. So, with a little help and guidance from them we were able to stand up this site.

The other thing that helped is this particular distribution, created for and used by Drupalcon, the Drupal developers conference. So it was in their best interest to refine it and make it better. And they did. This latest version of COD has fixed a lot of the issues that made it so difficult to use before.

Now, that being said, The site is not 100% yet and won't be for a little while. Right now though, at 6 months out from the actual event we needed to get it working enough to promote Chupacabracon 3 and get our GMs signing up and submitting games.

So, what can you do at the new site? Well, as I said, GMs can register for the convention and submit games. The schedule will be built a little later down the line, before we open the site up for game sign-ups (obviously). So, submitting the games is the first step.

The site is also the place to go to read up on news about the event and to see the ever expanding list of special guests we're going to have this year. If you thought last year's line up was exciting, we're getting most of them back this year and a bunch of new ones on top of that!

So, in short; new site, GMs register and submit games, and keep an eye out for more developments.